A job well done

A job well done.

Consent obtained to publish on website,[/caption]

Some of your parish councillors were out in the sunshine today working! Yes – they and some of their family members were preparing and painting the play equipment on the QE11 Playing Field.

Consent obtained to publish on website.[/caption]

Sadly it did not all go to plan as the following email explains

“Someone’s taken down the tape AAARGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Latest report….stop press….Sadly someone has seen fit to remove the hazard tape and wet paint sign….the paint has not fully hardened and has been damaged . C’est  la vie. Ive re hazard taped the flooring repair which is not yet hardened.

We can only do our best.”

Oh well, at least they tried and surely they deserve congratulations for the work they have done.


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