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Arts Stable

Telephone: 01258 863866

The Art Stable specialises in Contemporary and Modern British paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics.

Opening hours: During exhibitions Thursday to Saturday, 10.00am – 3.00pm and at other times by appointment.

Directions: The ‘Arts Stable’ is situated in the farmyard of Gold Hill Organic Farm, which is off the road to Manston. After turning off the village road into Ridgway Lane, take the first right into the courtyard. The gallery is on the left.

For more information and details of forthcoming solo exhibitions visit:


Emsie works from her studio, ‘The Cow Shed’, which is in the Gold Hill complex at Child Okeford.

She designs and makes colourful tableware both modern and traditional using full lead crystal glass. Her passion is for producing wine glasses which she learnt while working in Venice, on the island of Murano.

Please view her web site for more information and photos.

Emsie Sharp. Tel: 07799 6248256

Email: [email protected]



Elm House Studio

Pottery made in Dorset by Cath and Jerry Broadway Ceramic Artists.

Brightly coloured Earthenware and Stoneware Ceramics.

Studio Pottery for all occasions.

Tel: 01258 863662   or Email:  [email protected]

Hambledon Framing

“We will cater for all your display needs. No job is too big or too small.”

For a free quotation please pop in, call 01258 863763/ 07850304543 or email  [email protected] 

Craig Arbuckle
Holdway House
Shaftesbury Road
Child Okeford
DT11 8EQ

Sarah Jack   Artist

London Bridge

Sarah lives and works in Child Okeford.

Her unique approach is to build up layers of textures on board or canvas, then applying acrylics and oils. This process ages and adds a depth to her work.  True life stories from parish records or pieces of research into our history are woven in amidst these layers.   Sarah is inclined to capture imaginary or actual, weathered harbour scenes, isolated or derelict cottages in landscape or a favourite is portray the old London Bridge.

Sarah’s work can be found in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Burford as well as the Cheltenham, Hampstead and Battersea Affordable Art Fairs.

This artist has no email address so we have not been able to verify her entry. However her website is still active and she can be contacted through a form on her website. The site address given above is accurate as it stands without anything after the .co     23/07/2020

Rob Adams   Artist

Rob lives and works in Child Okeford. His career has included, art illustration, set design for Theatre, Film, TV, and large artworks for VE day and the Queens Jubilee. He also became involved with Tussauds worldwide. During these years he continued to paint en plien-air landscapes and architectural watercolours. Latterly he took up oils and devoted his time to painting.

‘My ambition with my work is to capture the ordinary in moments of extraordinary beauty. This often means getting up very early! My professional life has left me comfortable with many different media from pen drawing to watercolour.

I have no set way of working, sometimes I will draw a picture out carefully other times dive straight in with the paint. I frequently finish work en plein air but don’t hold back from adjusting or amending once back in the studio if I feel it necessary. I often use photographs as a reference in studio paintings but am careful not to allow the photographic image to dominate proceedings. My great passion is drawing and I am a regular attendee at a local life-drawing group. For me drawing is the bones upon which the flesh of the rest of the painting is hung.

I have exhibited at the RSMA in 2012 and 2014, the RWS in both 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Both the RI and  ROI in 2014. Also with the Wapping Group in 2013 to 2017. I was also one of the finalists for Artist of the Year 2013 run by the Artists and Illustrators magazine.’

Rachel  Sargent









Rachel Sargent was born in Dorset by the coast near Poole, which is where her love and appreciation of her natural surroundings was formed. She studied painting at the Roehampton Institute, University of London and returned to her native Dorset in 1986, since when she has been a keen walker and observer of nature. In 2012 she moved to her present studio – a converted cowshed looking out to the amazing Hambledon Hill at Gold Hill Organic Farm in Child Okeford, where she also runs a programme of workshops throughout the year.

Please see my Web Site for more information.

Entry verified 23/07/2020

Mary Tambini  Artist

Mary lives and works in Child Okeford.

I have a broad and diverse range of experience with making art and have worked with different art forms over the years.

I have taught art and design and my experience in education has been extensive ranging from work in schools, colleges and universities, as well as advisory work with teachers including national and international consultancy.

I Have worked as a potter and sculptor and have experience with printmaking. in recent years I have spent much more time painting and making 2D work.

My work starts with drawing. I am interested in the gestural marks and dynamic form in the drawings: the speed the movement and dynamic marks are important. When I work from the model, I like quick poses and sometimes work from the moving figure. Through the transformative process, the work can become quite abstract in character.

I work with a range of different media. Collage, printmaking or anything which might change the surface of thr work. Fillers, sanding, oil, acrylics and mixed media.

Throughout my career as an artist, drawing has been, and continues to be, the underlying practice which informs my work. In the landscape drawings I use black and white media:- pencil, charcoal, conte inks, monotype. When working on the paintings in the studio I give myself considerable licence with colour. I like the emotive power of colour and am not afraid of it.

I have exhibited widely a few of which are listed below:
2013 Encounters Dorset County Museum 2012 Slade Centre Gillingham
2011 and 2016 The Exchange Sturminster Newton
2010 Portland Art Centre

2009 Pinpointing Portland Salisbury Library Galleries
2008 Rook Lane Chapel Frome
Others include London galleries, namely the Stark Gallery, Deptford X, Wills Art Warehouse, and Woodlards Art Gallery, also Red Biddy Gallery Gilford.

email : [email protected]

Entry verified 23/07/2020

Pete Papworth, Pianist

I am a pianist and keyboard player and teacher. I am available for weddings and all social functions.

Please contact me on Tel:   01258 861047 or 07434901074


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