CORGI- Child Okeford Recreation Ground Improvement



Child Okeford Recreation Ground Improvement Project

CORGI was formed in 2017 from a group of volunteers who wanted to improve the Community Centre and grounds facilities for the benefit of the whole village.

The aim is to develop an exciting communal area that provides villagers of all ages, the opportunity to be physically active, to make a difference to their health and wellbeing, and to socialise, to build a stronger sustainable community.

The phased project aims to benefit the population of our village and surrounding villages by providing facilities that allow residents of all ages to use the recreation grounds to play, exercise and utilise fully the community centre for social activities and community events.

In a major village survey in 2016, led by the Parish council, villagers gave an overwhelming mandate for change and the need to upgrade current facilities of the Community Centre and grounds. These included items now in the current Phase 1 of our plan.This is directed at sports and leisure on the recreation ground itself:


  • To look at providing an all age trim/play trail
  • To consider building a petanque court (french boules – a great all age sport)
  • To provide picnic tables to encourage families ( come and make the most of this fantastic green play space
  • To consider a brick built BBQ for community use
  • To consider an outdoor table tennis table
  • To consider a perimeter track


To look at re-developing the Community Centre to provide a more modern building that meets current building regulations and provides the following:

  • A larger kitchen with more (lockable) storage for user groups
  • Large/ full length windows to provide good visibility of the play area and the playing field from the main hall and kitchen.
  • French/sliding doors to allow the integration of inside/outside
  • Well insulated flooring, not carpeted so that it is easier to clean and possibly with underfloor heating.
  • Storage for regular user groups
  • Improved toilet facilities
  • Slightly larger main hall with separate storage for chairs/tables etc.
  • Better insulation/heating.

All development on the playing field is subject to approval from Fields in Trust and any necessary planning consents and these things all take time! We have been working hard to gain the various permissions, plans approved and grants sought, but most of all, we need your help to make sure it happens for the benefit of all in and around the village .

Fund raising is ongoing and CORGI have received generous donations from the Parish Council, the Heyday Village Fete Committee, The Child Okeford Women’s Institute, Child Okeford Centre for care and learning (COCCL) and The Village Lunch Club. We are very grateful for their generosity and on going support.

A programme of fundraising activities takes place on a regular basis

How can you help?

We need fundraising ideas!

We needs enthusiastic volunteers to run/help at events!

We need villagers to attend fundraising events!

We would welcome advice and help from people with specialist knowledge or skills, who may be able to donate some time to the project. We are particular keen to hear from architects, quantity surveyors and play area/landscape designers.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact [email protected]

Where to find information on events and developments

CORGI now has new email address: [email protected]

CORGI also has a new Twitter account: @CORGIcommunity1

Send us a message and be part of our on-line group of friends and supporters. We will also keep posting events and news here.

We hope you will join us at these events and help us to improve the village community hall facilities and grounds for the benefit of those of us in Child Okeford and surrounding villages. We will continue update you on progress and other events via The Hill, our village website and displays around the village.

Contributed on behalf of the CORGI Committee :

Karen Knapton ( Chair) Kirsty Baird, Cary Knapton and Gaynor Waring

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