Latest Speedwatch results

If any member of the public sees examples of bad driving in the village they can contact the police by emailing [email protected]. If sufficient reports are received  the police can, and we were assured, will, take action.

The table below gives the lastest speedwatch results for the period July -December 2018. There were no speedwatches in Station Road as you might guess given the disruption caused by the water works. During 2018 9,454 cars were recorded through the village in 80 sessions with 457 exceeding the speed limit and being reported to the police.

JulyVehicles RecordedNumber of SessionsVehicles Reported to Police
Duck Street22122
High Street13514
The Hollow741451
Duck Street5511
High StreetNo watches this month
The Hollow180121
Duck Street701
High Street529637
The Hollow451228
Duck Street12822
High Street13624
The Hollow664426
Duck Street4411
High Street5711
The Hollow483325
Duck Street9822
High streetNo watches this month
The Hollow397215


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