Compensation for Businesses affected by the Water works in the Village

Message from Wessex Water for local Businesses

If the business affected have suffered a genuine loss of business as a result of our works in the highway, then they are entitled to statutory compensation. Please pass on to them my contact details and I would happy to explain the process to claim compensation for a proven loss of business. The businesses can also view our Policy Statement for business losses arising from works in the highway. Link shown below:

If the nature of the claim is particularly complex, we may require additional information to support their claim for compensation and this may include trading figures after completion of our works, but generally the information needed includes:

  • weekly or monthly trading figures for the claim period and (where applicable) the preceding three full years
  • whether the business is VAT registered and (where applicable) copies of the returns for claim period and preceding three years
  • the last two profit and loss accounts. These should be audited or agreed with the Inland Revenue and certified by your accountant.

Upon receipt of a fully supported claim we will endeavour to make an offer of settlement as soon as possible or give reasons for rejecting the claim. The timescale for this process will vary depending upon the nature of the claim, complexity of information required and extent of liability. We will let you know how long we think it will take to complete our assessment and, where possible, we will try to complete it within three months.

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