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The Cross Stores

UPDATED 21st  April 2020

To anyone who may come into contact, even indirectly, with COVID 19. We really want to help you .

Please email me at [email protected] or phone 01258 860279 to place your orders. We shall try and get these to you as soon after they are placed as possible.

We are trying to do everything we can to prevent the virus from spreading into the village, and as a communal area, the shop is an obvious area of risk. We have limited the number of customers in the shop at any one time to three in order to maintain social distancing.

I wonder if I could please ask you not to actually visit the shop to collect your order, or if you do need to visit urgently, then please call us from the double gates and let us bring the goods to you.

01258 860279

Thank you for your understanding.

Andrew Stevenson-Hamilton



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