Report of the Parish Council Meeting 9th September


The Parish Council held our meeting on the 9th September with 5 members of members of the public in attendance.

The council welcomed Leo Tandoh as a new Parish Councillor.

Celia Ebdon from the Speed Watch group spoke with PC about the impending loss of one of the two teams, who currently provide speed watch in the village. Celia also providing a few surprising statistics with regard to speeding over the last few months. There will be a separate article by Speedwatch in this issue of the Hill. The PC continue to support Speedwatch and support their efforts to ensure traffic in the village uses our roads safely and at the legal speed limits. The Parish Council also discussed the SIDS pole which has had three incidents of vandalism this year and it was requested that CTV footage from the Beehive and other houses be obtained to investigate further.

A member of the public also queried the renovation of the village map, this has been agreed and although delayed due to illness work will start shortly.

Councillor James Chetwode has tendered his resignation and the PC would like to extend their thanks to James for his involvement over the past 4 years. A vacancy has therefore arisen and will be advertised.

Alan Blundell reported that the Rangers have just purchased a rugged 4×4 mower and that this is now being used to great effect with all the paths mowed and cut back where necessary. Alan also reported that four of the village stiles have been updated and improved. The provision of woodchip for the path from Netmead to Legal lane, which is often extremely muddy was discussed and will be investigated by Alan and Councillor Tandoh.

On planning, a resident raised a question during the public session, with regard to the planning application in Haywards Lane and currently no decision has been made. The PC have put forward a robust objection and currently await a decision. However, like other interested parties in the village, such as the surgery and school, we have been asked to provide a suggestion for the Section 106 contribution and the PC decided that the CORGI project would be our recommendation.

There were a number of other applications reviewed including, a replacement garage at Longside, replacing a roof and other alterations at Rosemary Cottage, a single storey extension at Two Ways, in the Hollow, a rear two storey extension a Holdaway House, Hambledon Hill Farm, one new dwelling and 2 parking spaces in replacement for an existing light industrial building and finally the provision of 4 signs for footpaths to Hambledon Hill. All the above were approved without objection. However, Parish Council strongly objected to the application by Abergavenny Farm for the conversion of an agricultural building into a holiday home.

The Budget for 2020/201 will be reviewed at the next Parish Council meeting. However the Parish Council decided that a request from Artsreach for a grant be refused at this time.

QEII Trust. Fundraising for the Community Centre and Playing Field continues with Rugby Breakfasts starting the 22nd september and the Hill Race and Oketoberfest taking place on the 28th September. The Community Centre has now got WIFI internet available and the installation of a pull down project screen and new audio equipment will be in place next week. A new oven has also been installed due to the failure of the previous oven. The Community Centre Managment Committee will review the first year of the new management and report back with recommendations if any.

The next meeting of the Parish Council and the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field Trust will be held on Monday 7th October , at 7pm, in the Community Centre. The Agendas will be published on the village notice board and the website and, as always, everyone is welcome.

Councillor Knapton .

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