Council Agendas Minutes and other documents

Draft Council Minutes 22.07.2019  Documents, Minutes and Agendas

2019Next MeetingNOVEMBER 4th.
2019AgendaCOPC Agenda – NOVEMBER 2019 – PUBLIC



Financial Statements and other documents

NOVEMBERDraft Council Minutes 07.10.2019Statement of Accounts 30 SEPTEMBER 2019
Co-Option Notice – October 2019
OCTOBERDraft Council Minutes 09.09.2019Statement of Accounts AUGUST 2019
SEPTEMBERPayments Schedule – July 2019
SEPTEMBERDraft Council Minutes 22.07.2019Statement of Accounts JULY 2019
JULY 2019Draft Council Minutes 24.06.2019Statement of Accounts JUNE 2019
June 2019QE Trust Minutes 13.05.2019 DRAFTANNUAL CALENDAR 2019 (3)xlsx
June 2019Draft Annual Council Minutes 13.05.2019Statement of Accounts MAY 2019
June 2019Revised and Amended Conclusion of Audit 2018.19
May 2019
April 2019Draft Minutes 01.04.2019 (V2) Draft Council Minutes (No Photos) 01.04.2019COPC Statement of Accounts March 2019
March 2019Draft Council Minutes 04.03.2019COPC Statement of Accounts February 2019
February 2019Draft Council Minutes 04.02.2019COPC Statement of Accounts January 2019
January 2019Draft Council Minutes 07.01.2019 – Public COPC Statement of Accounts December 2018COPC Budget 2019.2020 V4 – 05.12.2019
December 2018Draft Council Minutes 03.12.2018COPC Statement of Accounts November 2018
November 2018Draft Council Minutes 05.11.2018COPC Budget 2019.2020 V3 – 08.11.2019
October 2018Draft Council Minutes 08.10.2018COPC Statement of Accounts 31 October 2018
September 2018Council Minutes 10.09.18 V1 –COPC Statement of Accounts 30 September 2018
August 2018COPC Statement of Accounts 31 AUGUST 2018
July 2018Draft Council Minutes 02.07.18 V1 Draft Council Minutes 03.07.18 V1COPC Statement of Accounts 30 JULY 2018
June 2018Draft Council Minutes 04.06.18 V2
May 2018Draft Annual Meeting 14.05.18-MR-v1.0[5]
April 2018Statement of Accounts APRIL 2018.19
March 2018Mar 26 Meeting Mar 05 MeetingPayments Schedule 26th. MARCH 2018 Payments Schedule 5th. MARCH 2018 V1

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