Who’s Who on the Parish council

Child Okeford Parish Council

Page last updated 19/07/2020

Chairman: Mrs. Mary Giles Tel: 01258 863589

Co-Vice Chairmen: Councillor Kirsty Baird  Tel: 01258 860477

and Councillor Karen Knapton  Tel: 01258 863817

Clerk: Email: [email protected]

Correspondence: ALL correspondence please send to the Clerk.

Meetings: Usually the 1st Monday of the month (not Bank Holidays) – please check the meeting dates list. Members of the public are welcome. All meetings are held in the Community centre

Minutes and Agenda: Minutes are posted on the main notice board at The Cross Stores and the web site with a short summary published each month in “The Hill”. The agenda is posted on all the village notice boards.

Notice Boards: Cross Stores, Millbrook Close.


Parish Councillors and Responsibilities


16 Jacobs Ladder, Child Okeford, DT11 8EA

01258 861055

[email protected]

Karen KNAPTON Longclose House, Apple Acre, The Hollow Child Okeford DT11 8EX

01258 863817

[email protected]


Hey Day Committee

Employment Group

Robert SMITH Pear  Tree Cottage, Station Road, Child Okeford, DT11 8EL

01258 860440
[email protected]

Planning Group
Mark KERRIDGE [email protected] Planning Group
Tim COTTON [email protected] Planning Group
Mary GILES Hamdon House, Duck Street, Child Okeford

DT11 8ET

01258 863589
[email protected]

Employment Group
Hey Day representative
Susan Case [email protected]
Kirsty BAIRD Chapel House, The Hollow Child Okeford DT11 8EX

01258 860477
[email protected]


Community Centre representative

Non Councillor Appointed Roles

Alan Blundell Footpaths Officer
Wendy Addley Best Kept Village Officer
Kevin Pearce

Kim Cowling

[email protected] Village Website Coordinators.


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