Pot holes and Road Closures

Pot holes and road closures.

The state of the villages roads continues to get worse. The only way we are likely to get any change is if more people report them directly to the council. Dorset County Council has a form to fill in for you to do so at the link below

Report a Pot Hole


Planned road closures

When I started compiling this page it seemed like an easy task, but the truth is that in the next few months the whole area is going to be ringed by so many roadworks of one sort or another that it is difficult to list them all. Instead  the best way of finding out about them is to go to this site https://roadworks.org/ and enter a Child Okeford post code. It is not good news. Potentially the most damaging of these closures is the one in Haywards lane scheduled to start in July. Coming so soon after the closure of the Haywards bridge this one could threaten the viability of local businesses but it appears there is nothing that can be done.

Wessex Water is replacing the water main in Haywards lane between 2nd July and 14th September. The work commences west of Cranbourne Edge and appears to extend up to the school and the junction between Duck street and Station road. This is likely to be a complete closure of the road but Wessex water cannot be sure of this until they start work.

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