The Baker Arms Centenary- from the archive

We can reliably attribute a pub being present on the site in 1754 and owned by Robert Young Belbin. Unfortunately the name of the pub is not recorded but in 1790 Robert put the “Bear Inn” up for sale and, later, in 1813 the “White Bear”, as it was by then known, was again put up for sale. Auction notices confirm the name as “White Bear” in 1814 but by 1815 the name had changed to the “Lamb Inn”. In 1821, the Alehouse record, dated 3rd September, mentions the “Baker Arms” for the first time.

A booklet has been produced reflecting the past 200 years

A summary of the content:

  • Days of Yore: A brief history pre 1821

  • Why “The Baker Arms”? Conjecture on the naming of the pub

  • The Building: External and internal changes over the years

  • Pub signs over the years

  • Publicans: A list of the licensees and, where known, the owners of the pub

  • The Woolfrey Family: A commentary on the family that ran the pub for, in total, 80 years

  • Any Other Business: The pub’s contribution to the community

  • Photographs: A selection from years gone by and a comparison of the internal layout in 2005 and 2021

The full paper, including the photographs, runs to 20 pages is available to read and download here [download will be automatic].

The full article can also be read here

There is one aspect we have been unable to resolve. Above the front door there is this painting:

We have not been able to find out who painted it, when and why. Can you help?

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