The Rude Mechanical Theatre returns to Child Okeford with a new show.

At last it’s good to have something going on in the village.Charles Upton has included the following with the flyer ;

“In case you have never been the Rudes mainly perform in the open air, so bring your picnic with rugs and warm clothes for when the summer sun sets and the stage lights come up. I must warn the village, that tickets are selling fast because it is a truncated tour because lock down disabled planning, rehearsals, printing etc..The Rudes tour at sites along the South Coast and as it is a shorter tour and probably only the large prestigious venues – we are honoured that C.O. is a favourite venue for them.It will be the usual format with picnics from 5.45pm – it will be a larger than usual site so that distancing can be established. There will be 5 stewards to ensure that entry, exiting and distancing is enabled.We have heard that tickets are selling fast.The attached flyer has all the information on the rear of the flyer.”

All I would say is that they are usually jolly funny.


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