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About the Archive

The purpose of the Archive is to build, maintain and enhance a digital library of photographs, documents etc. etc. and certain data about Child Okeford and Hanford to enable easy and ready access for current and future generations whether it is to research their own ancestry or just interest in the community’s history.

The current initiative started in earnest in 2015 and many photographs, booklets, documents, maps, posters, programmes, extracts from the parish council minutes and parish magazine “The Hill” have already been digitalised. Certain data records such as censuses, birth and burial records have been transposed into “Word” based files to enhance access and enable an easy search mechanism.

Further information can be found by following these links:

Books and Booklets The Church Maps
Posters of village events. Programmes of village events Sundries i.e. anything else

In order to avoid any potential repercussions regarding “copyright” and/or “data protection” we shall not post any item from our “Photographs” or “Newspaper Cuttings” files unless they are incorporated in a specific article.

We publish regular “Archive Articles” in the parish magazine “The Hill” and, as appropriate, supplement the articles with further information on this web site. Such posts can be found on the “This month from the archive” section of the main menu.

We would love to hear from you if you have any:

  1. Photographs and/or documents you think would be of interest to the archive.
  2. Queries about specific aspects of the community and/or those that lived here.
  3. Feedback or suggestions on this initiative

Please contact: David Pope 01258 861411  [email protected]

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