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Photos from the Archive

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Bartley House and the Old Coop


The Preaching Stone

Prior to the First World War, at the cross roads in the centre of the road to the church, was a block of green sandstone. This may have been a “Preaching Stone” and tradition has it that it was used as a stand on which a Mary Saint was whipped for stealing hurdles. This was the site chosen for a war memorial after the Great War and the large stone was taken up and a vault made underneath in which coins of the time and current newspapers, etc. were placed. Then the large stone was incorporated in the base of the present War Memorial which was erected by Harry Janes and his son who lived in Damsel Pit nearby and the Memorial was dedicated in 1919.
The Saxon Inn was not always called the Saxon, nor was it always an Inn. From the 1950’s we have the New Inn on the right and a shop on the left.


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